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You'll learn SEO, paid ads, conversion copywriting, analytics, email marketing + more in just six weeks, and connect with an online community right away.
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Your numbers are down this week.
You want to try some new channels. But which channels? You could try search ads, but you haven’t had to use Google Ads manager in two years. You had thought about running a podcast advertising experiment, but do those even convert? Maybe revamping the email funnels will help.
You’re feeling pressure to make the right choices and execute. Maybe you have a  team looking for you to make the call. Maybe you’re all alone, and you don’t have anyone to ask.
So you head to the internet for help.
You read a few blogs, but none of them help you figure out if this is a good channel to test, and how to do it. Everyone else seems to have it figured out.

You chew your fingernails, you’ve been googling for an hour and you still don’t have a plan. How do you know if you’re making the right call?
Growing a business is tough, and you're not alone. We’ve been there. That’s why we created Growclass.
Connect WITH a supportive community of marketers who will help you level up.
Connect WITH a supportive community of marketers who will help you level up.
"Growclass is hands down the best crash course into growth marketing. As someone who doesn't have experience in growth hacking, I was nervous to attend this program. I quickly overcame my self-doubt as soon as I came to my first class.

Sarah and her team did an amazing job of balancing the high-level strategies of growth marketing, while also providing actual executional tips on how to manage each stage of the sales funnel. I now feel confident in my abilities to test and run growth experiments, as well as lead a team in this function."
Connie Lo
Co-Founder, Niu Body
You don't have to learn this the hard way.
Most people learn growth marketing the hard way, by failing a lot and wasting time, resources and money.

There isn’t a blueprint for this stuff. Hiring is hard, and contractors are like diamonds in the rough — the mining part is exhausting. Agencies throw around acronyms and quote ridiculous prices.
A $10k/month retainer? Thaaaat’s not in the budget. Consultants bring you strategies, and vanish into a puff of smoke when the execution starts.
So the options are fail, spend or…?
Growclass is a new model. Growth isn’t easy, but with a roadmap, a network, and the right help— you can build your strategy with confidence, and develop the skills to lead your team, or execute on it yourself.
If you’re a founder looking to learn growth, a marketing-team-of-one looking for support, or a professional looking to level up your skills, growclass will help you build new skills, banish your imposter syndrome, and connect you to a community of incredible people. Growclass will begin May 17th, 2020.
Growclass has an immediate impact on your career. You join a community of smart people. Industry leaders teach concepts and skills that you can apply later that day. The class and community keep you growing in the short and long-term.
Jason Reiniger,Flipgive
With the help of growclass, you will...

Balance high level strategy with hands on execution. You'll feel confident setting the strategy and getting into the weeds.

Be able to do more with a lot less. As budgets tighten, you'll learn to be a lean, data driven, experimental marketer.

Learn how to write effective conversion copy that 15Xs customer conversion from landing pages, email funnels, and ads.

Learn how to launch, track, and optimize effective Google and Facebook ad campaigns to maximize your budget.

Make smarter hiring decisions to build the right marketing team the first time. Feel confident managing contractors.

Build your SEO strategy with our non-intimidating approach to technical SEO. No more unhelpful blog posts.
Most importantly, what will growclass  teach me?
Especially now, we all need to do more with a lot less. In this module we get scrappy. You’ll learn how to develop a growth mindset and experimental framework to lean on data to uncover insights that save you precious time and resources.
This module is all about getting into the heads of your most valuable customers, to uncover the leanest ways to convert them. Especially in challenging times, we need to fully understand who we are selling to and how to add value to them.
Goal Setting
& Analytics
Week three is all about setting smart goals for your growth to create focus. Without tracking, you are running blindfolded with both hands tied behind your back. With them, you can see clearly, dodge obstacles, and optimize your marketing budget. 
In this workshop you’ll learn how to use Facebook and Google Ad Managers like a pro. You’ll learn how to plan creative and write copy, how to run ad experiments, and how to optimize your ads for a low cost of customer acquisition.
The copy on your landing pages, in your ads, and in your emails are directly tied to sales. We’ll give you the tools to feel confident writing landing pages, ad creative and emails that convert customers 15x faster.
Email is the most important source of revenue for most businesses. You’ll learn the most important part of email marketing (and it’s not what you think), how to build a larger and more engaged list, and how to use behavioural psychology to write better emails.
You'll leave growclass with...
You'll gain access to a treasure chest of downloadable templates, swipe files, and checklists to help you easily apply the lessons  from the course.
You'll leave with a comprehensive 30/60/90 day growth strategy and the confidence to accelerate your revenue growth.
With growclass you'll have access to over 40  tutorials walking you through the key channels to grow your business.
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Denney Morrison
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