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You're staring at that blinking cursor.

I know I need to post on Linkedin more often, but I just can’t force myself to…

I should really have a newsletter by now...

I know my emails could be bringing in more sales...

I hate the copy on my website, but I don’t know where to start…

Then the imposter syndrome kicks in: Am I winging it? Is this cringe? I'll just, uh, do this later...

And the result? The brilliant content you could have published never makes it into the world. It can't bring in sales, or followers, or leads, because, uh it doesn't exist.

But not anymore.

Because you're about to join the Growclass Content Challenge. You're about to get the encouragement, education, expert feedback, and accountability you need to actually get your content published.

You'll do the work, bring in the sales, and end the year proud of what you've made.

How it works

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4 weeks of live workshops
Every week on Tuesday at 1pm EST you'll attend a private writing workshop hosted by Sarah Stockdale to learn fresh content, email, and conversion copywriting skills.
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Weekly feedback sessions
Each week on Thursday at 1pm EST you'll attend a tear-up session where you can choose to get live feedback on your work from the instructor and community.
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An accountability challenge
Each week you'll earn points for publishing across different platforms. The student with the most points wins a themed library of their choice.
Meet Your Instructor
Sarah Stockdale

Sarah is the Founder of Growclass, and the Author of We Need To Talk About this, a popular newsletter for millennial women, and the host of The Growth Effect, a top charting business podcast.

Sarah has spent her career growing early stage technology companies — focused on digital marketing, scrappy growth strategies, data, and retention. Sarah was one of the early hires at the Canadian Fintech giant, Wave which was acquired by H&R Block in one of the largest Canadian exits of all time. She then led international growth teams at Tilt, which was acquired by Airbnb in 2017 before founding Growclass.

Since, she has taught over 800 marketing professionals and entrepreneurs, and built a community that has been coined (by students) the kindest corner of the internet.

Your Mentors
Brendan Hufford
Founder, Growth Sprints | SEO and Linkedin Expert
Hiba Amin
Consultant and Former Head of Content Copy.AI | Content and AI expert
Tiffany DaSilva
Founder, Flowjo | Content and SEO 

Let's breakdown the challenge

With your registration, you'll have access to:

1. A live mastermind workshop: Tuesdays at 1pm EST
2. An optional silent co-writing session: Wednesdays at 2pm EST
3. A live tear up and feedback workshop: Thursdays at 1pm EST
4. A publishing and accountability challenge: Ongoing
5. The Growclass Slack community: 6 months of access

(If you miss a live session, don't worry, you'll have access to all content and recordings.)

Finding your writing voice
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Good marketers are good writers first. This week we’ll get down the basics of great conversion writing. You’ll work on finding your unique writing voice while practicing adding rhythm to your writing, using descriptive language, and writing compelling hooks.

Advanced Conversion Copywriting
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Conversion copywriters know how to persuade a customer to purchase. This week we’ll work on writing compelling headline and descriptor copy, leveraging copywriting formulas, handling objections, and using customer research to write persuasive copy.

Content Marketing + Strategy
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In this live mastermind, you’ll learn how to build a content marketing strategy that is easy to execute and won’t take you hours of writing every week. You’ll learn how to root your content strategy in good SEO practices, how to leverage audience research and AI tools, and how to write content your customers will love.

Advanced Sales Email Writing
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A good sales email can turn a little note in an inbox into thousands of dollars in sales. You’ll learn the Growclass method of writing a compelling sales email to audiences warm and cold. And we’ll work on how to build your list, so you can see consistent subscriber growth.

Bonus: Writing for Social Growth
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You work hard on your content, but you’re posting consistently to *crickets*. Not anymore. In this module we’ll work on how to write for people and algorithms to get your content seen by more customers and clients— to build a lucrative following.

Bonus: SEO AMA
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Great content marketers have a deep understanding of Search Engine Optimization. Bring all of your SEO questions to this expert-led bonus workshop, and leave feeling confident in your SEO skills.

Image of Sarah Lacy

"Are you a founder or CEO? Stop debating. You need this right now."

Now I can write my own landing pages, my own email drip campaigns, and Facebook creative! That’s saved me thousands of dollars of billable hours from my contract marketing team.

Not only that, my first email campaign brought in $7,000 in additional revenue in a matter of minutes! This has already paid for itself many many times over.

Sarah Lacy
Founder and Bestselling author

"The community is engaged, welcoming, and insightful."

I can’t recommend Growclass enough. The educational content and resources are top-notch. But more than that, the community is engaged, welcoming, and insightful. I am inspired by them and feel inspired to engage, and it’s made me feel less alone as a freelancer. I also gained invaluable skills that I have immediately applied to my work.

Caroline Rice
Freelance brand and creative strategist
How much time should I set aside each week?
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3-4 hours spread out over the week!

Two hours will be for your live Tuesday and Thursday workshops. The other time you'll spend writing content for the challenge, and taking optional bonus asyncronous lessons!

Who is the challenge for?
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This challenge is for:
- Marketers who want to get faster and more confident in their writing skills
- Freelancers who want to build a lucrative online following and land more clients 
- Founders who want to get more eyeballs on their business and make more sales without having to hire an expensive agency or consultant

When will the live classes take place?
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Live sessions take place at 1pm EST Tuesday and Thursdays with an optional co-writing session Wednesdays at 2pm EST!