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So, how do I learn from Growclass?
Great question, she says to herself.

Each week we release a new module, you can look at our course outline for the full details. Each module has 6-12 video lessons, as well as strategic reflection exercises, a toolkit, and downloadable templates and resources.

Modules are released each week so you don't feel like you're drinking from a firehose. Along with a suggested schedule and corresponding Spotify playlist, obviously. You'll also be given a calendar of live office hours with instructors, guest mentor sessions, and events to join.

You'll also be invited to our private Slack community, where you'll meet your cohort. You'll also be able to ask questions and jam with alumni and mentors in our channels (think #copywriting, #wins, #facebookads, #jobshiring).

There is always someone to help answer questions, and something new to learn.
I've signed up for online courses before, and never finished them...
Growth doesn't happen in a vacuum, so of course you bailed on lists of videos in the past. Growclass is a team sport— you'll have a community of support, and coaches to help you through the program.

Here's the other thing about learning growth marketing; you don't have to consume every single video to see results in your business or in your career.

You finish a module that helps you re-think a strategy that 10xs your revenue. You write a landing page that converts 10x better than the last one, and your revamp your ad strategy to deliver a 4x return on ad spend. You're speaking up in meetings, you have ideas and opinions to offer.

The value isn't in getting an A+, the value is learning skills and building a community that transform the growth of your business and career.

No one can do that but you, but Growclass will speed up your progress.
How much time should I set aside?
You should set aside 3 hours/week for the course content. Our most successful students spend 5-8 hours / week on content, strategic planning and running experiments and implementing Growclass learnings into their businesses.

The video content are not long lectures; you’re not in Dr. Cameron’s nap-inducing Intro to Philosophy class anymore. The videos are broken up into bite sized chunks, and are accompanied by downloadable templates and checklists to help you apply what you learned.

There are assessments but no grades. The only gold star you need is to see results in your business, or the promotion in your career.
What if I have questions about the content?
If you didn’t that would be very odd! We have a calendar of office hours and special events via Zoom. You'll join a supportive Growclass community on Slack for networking, support, high fives, going over course material, collaborating, and sharing early ‘00s emo playlists. OK maybe that’s just me and Emily, but you get the gist.

You’ll be in a cohort of other students taking the course too, and they will become your support, your crew, your posse, your early 80s hair band.
How can I get my company to help pay for Growclass?
First, you have to ask.
A good employer invests in professional development and continuing education for their teams. It's just good business to be consistently levelling your people up.

If you would like some help crafting your request, you can find our guide here.
My toddler just smeared icing on the wall; will this be a problem?
Yes, but only because that sounds very sticky.

People are dealing with a lot at home, and need extra flexibility. With Growclass, you set your own schedule and go at your own pace. You’ll have access to the content for a full year, so you can come back to any lesson you need to, anytime. We're always around for a motivational push to get back into it when you need it.
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