So, how do I learn at Growclass?
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Depending on how you join through the academy, the Growclass learning experience is a mix of both live sessions and video lessons.

Any course you enrol in unlocks the Growclass membership. This means you'll receive access to our membership hub full of strategy decks, templates and toolkits, invites to our live workshops where you'll learn from speakers, grow your network and receive feedback and build the confidence alongside a supportive community.

With membership, you'll be invited to our private Slack community, where you'll meet your peers. You'll also be able to ask questions and jam with alumni and mentors in our channels (think #copywriting, #wins, #facebookads, #jobshiring). There is always someone to help answer questions, and something new to learn.

I've signed up for online courses before, and never finished them...
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Growth doesn't happen in a vacuum, so of course you bailed on lists of videos in the past.

Growclass is a team sport— you'll have a community of support, and coaches to help you through the program.

Here's the other thing about learning growth marketing; you don't have to consume every single video to see results in your business or in your career.

You finish a module that helps you re-think a strategy that 10xs your revenue. You write a landing page that converts 10x better than the last one, and your revamp your ad strategy to deliver a 4x return on ad spend. You're speaking up in meetings, you have ideas and opinions to offer.

The value isn't in getting an A+, the value is learning skills and building a community that transform the growth of your business and career.

No one can do that but you, but Growclass will speed up your progress.

How long do I have access to course content and membership for?
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You’ll have access to the course content and membership for 1 year, and you can always renew your membership.

Our alumni consistently tell us they come back to the material, and use the course as a playbook when they need to spin up new channels. Your year of membership access also includes all course updates, and invites to all Growclass webinars and special events. Your access will remain as long as you continue your membership after 12 months. We'll reach out when that time gets close.

How does the community work?
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Our community is hosted on Slack and we don't mean to brag but this community has a 65% engagement rate. That's one active community.

You’ll be welcomed in by alumni, instructors, and coaches who are also active members in the community. You'll meet friends, make valuable connections, and feel supported with a whole new network.

How can I get my company to help pay for a Growclass course?
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First, you have to ask.
A good employer invests in professional development and continuing education for their teams. It's just good business to be consistently levelling your people up.

If you would like some help crafting your request, you can find our guide here.

What is the difference between full certification program and self-paced courses?
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Our Full Certification program is for the committed marketer who’s ready to level up in every way. Over eight weeks, you’ll get everything you need to become a fully certified growth marketer, learning growth + experimentation, customer psychology, copywriting for growth, SEO, goal setting + tracking, Google Ads, email marketing, Facebook Ads, cost of acquisition and more from subject matter experts in a friendly, approachable environment.

As a Full Certification member you also join a cohort of fellow students—together, you’ll keep each other accountable, and attend live office hours where our expert instructors will help answer your questions and guide you through new subjects. Registration for our full certification cohorts opens bi-monthly.

For busy marketers, our self-paced courses are always on—which means you can sign up anytime and unlock year-long access to the entire course. You get to choose from our menu of no-fluff growth marketing courses to learn exactly the skills you need, when you need, including: growth + experimentation, customer psychology, conversion copywriting, SEO, Google Ads and email marketing.

Who should join a Growclass course?
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You'll love it here if:

You are ready to upgrade your professional circle and find an incredible community of marketers and founders.

You want to grow, whether that be your company revenue or finding new career opportunities - you're committed to personal and professional growth.

You are kind, open to learning and coachable.

You're smart, you want to accelerate your career with the right skills and network to take the leap into entrepreneurship, or find the next right 6-figure role for you.

You are committed to being anti-racist.

How do I apply what I learn in Growclass courses directly if I don’t have a job?
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Depending on which academy option you enrol in, it is recommended that you have something to practice your learnings on, but it doesn't have to be in your current role.

Quite a few of our students use personal projects, blogs, newsletters, social presences, and even a cross-stitch e-commerce store! It helps to have a sandbox to try out some of the things you learn on.

This is recommended for anyone looking to make a career move— if your current role doesn't let you experiment with this stuff, find an outlet to learn it on, that you can use to prove you have done it to future employers.

Will I get a new job after taking a Growclass course?
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Our grads consistently announce that they’ve started new opportunities, and the Growclass network helps a lot— the network is usually the most important piece. We have hundreds of Founders, Marketers, and Directors in our community. 

I'm in a different timezone, when do live sessions and workshops take place?
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All Growclass live sessions and workshops take place at various times during the week. We try our best to accommodate folks in different time zones.

Can I hire someone who has taken Growclass?
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Every week, our inbox has been filling UP with hiring managers looking to hire incredible growth marketers. To keep up with the rising demand, we’ve created the Growclass Job Board where you can directly access in-demand marketing roles.

Do you offer refunds?
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We have a growth guarantee for our Full Certification course.

We want you to love this experience, but if it isn't for you, we'll refund your payment within 14-days of purchase.

If you can demonstrate that you've given the course and community a real shot, and it's not what you're looking for, reach out to and we'll refund your payment within 14 days of purchase.

All self-paced courses are final sale.

Was your question not anwsered? 

We got you. Email us at We’re always happy to help! 

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