We glowed up.

May 10, 2022
Sarah Stockdale

Oh hi there.

Growclass is changing in a big, beautiful way today, and I’m so excited to tell you what we’ve been working on.

We’ve always been about helping underrepresented folks build lucrative careers and gain confidence to take up more space and make more money

…and it’s working. 

Today, Growclass grads make an average of $27,600 more at work. 

It’s been amazing to see our community grow. But over the past 6 months, we’ve had folks who’ve wanted to join Growclass but either don’t have the time for an 8-week cohort, or only want to hone in on a specialized, focused skill like SEO. 

And we get it. Our program is intensive and not everyone can get out from under their pile of work and commitments to join a cohort before they close.

But folks have told us they really want to be part of the community, even if they can’t invest the time and money for a full cohort. 

So, for the first time ever, we’re opening up the Growclass community through our brand new course offerings: ✨Growclass On Demand ✨.  

How does it work?

1. First you choose a course that you want to learn right now. You don’t have to wait for a cohort to get started, and you’ll get immediate access to the content, and you’ll have access for a full year.

Choose from: Growth Marketing 101, Customer Psychology, Conversion Copywriting, Search Engine Optimization, Goal Setting & Analytics, Google Ads, Email Marketing, or Facebook Ads.

Dig into our on demand courses here.

2. With each course you’ll get access to a full year of our Growclass Membership, where you’ll:

  • Unlock our content hub of strategy decks, forecasting templates and toolkits that’ll make you look really good at work
  • Get invited to our live workshops and events where you’ll learn from incredible speakers, grow your network, and get feedback
  • Get mentored by experts with years of experience scaling businesses (consulting that would cost >$300/hr anywhere else)
  • Gain confidence in an inclusive, supportive community our members have coined the kindest corner of the internet

You’ll still be able to join the full 8 week Growth Marketing certification if you’d like to have the cohort experience. In fact the next cohort begins in June. Keep an eye on your inbox for when enrollment opens, we’ll keep you updated.

Oh and if you choose to take an On Demand course now, you’ll have the opportunity to level up to the Full Certification at a much discounted rate.

Your learning opportunities are endless my friend.

Come see for yourself.

Peek at our on demand courses.


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