Google Ads puts you in front of your target audience right when they’re searching for businesses like yours—but most marketers don’t know where to start. Connect with your ideal customers and drive real sales.

Build into your career toolkit and learn how:

lay a strong foundation for running Google ads
the structure and hierarchy of setting up campaigns in your Google account.
organize keywords and put them to action.
how to set your budget and bidding strategies

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“Marketing has a big barrier when it comes to all the things you need to teach yourself, like Google Ads. In Growclass you’re getting insight from people with relevant, timely, real-world experience, who won’t make you feel small for asking questions.”

Maya Rozanes

Google Ads is a self-paced course, so there is no need to wait. Get introduced to the Growclass community and start the course today.

Ready to level up your Google Ads skills? So are we, get on in here friend.
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This course is for you if...

You’re a founder trying to refresh your skills or tackle a new growth channel

You’re a marketer who just isn’t seeing your ads convert despite creating quality copy and creative

You’re a freelancer looking to target the people who’ll become your best customers

Photo of Adam Scanlon
Meet Your Instructor
Adam Scanlon
Co-Founder, Client Magnet

Best known as a performance marketer & serial entrepreneur. Adam is the co-founder of Client Magnet, one of Toronto’s top digital ad agencies, and recently launched, an AI-powered B2B lead generation software.

He has a long track record and expertise in online client acquisition with Google Ads being his specialty. According to Adam, conversion rate optimization is his obsession and A/B testing is his version of a fun time.

What you'll learn

Lesson 1
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Creating and Navigating Your Google Ads Account

Lay a strong foundation for running Google ads. Like Facebook Manager, the key to a great campaign is understanding how to navigate your account. 

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Key skills: Setting up Google Ads
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Tools: Google Ads manager
Lesson 2
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Campaign and Ad Group Structure

Go over the structure and hierarchy of setting up campaigns in your Google account. Learn how ad groups fit into campaigns, how keywords fit into ad groups, and ad group themes that will go within each campaign.

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Key skills: Campaign hierarchy, Ad groups, Keywords, Ads
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Tools: Google Ads manager
Lesson 3
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Keywords are the bread and butter to Google ads. Learn our tried and true process for organizing keywords and putting them to action. We’ll breakdown the 4 types of Keyword Match Types, when to use them, and how to input your keywords into AdWords Wrapper + the importance of Negative keywords and what to do with them.

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Key skills: Keyword research, Keyword planning
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Resources: Keyword planner
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Tools: Google Keyword Planner, SEMRush, AdWords Wrapper
Lesson 4
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The Anatomy of a Google Ad

What makes up a great ad? We'll take you through each extension type, what they look like, and how to use them, and then we'll show you examples of ads from great to not-so-great. 

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Key skills: Ad types, Ad extensions
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Resources: Great ad examples
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Tools: Google Ads manager
Lesson 5
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Bidding and Budgets

Learn how to set your budget, what the three different types of bidding strategies are, and when to use them. 

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Key skills: Campaign budgeting, Bidding strategies
Icon of a wrench
Tools: Google Ads manager
Lesson 6
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Targeting and Audience

Dive into location and audience targeting. Build the foundation of your audience building, types of audiences to use in Google Ads and how to target based on location.

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Key skills: Location and audience targeting
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Tools: Google Ads manager
Lesson 7
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Tracking Performance with Conversions

Learn the different types of conversions and how to set them up, from website, app, or imported. 

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Key skills: Conversions types
Icon of a wrench
Tools: Google Ads manager
Lesson 8
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Creating a Campaign

Put everything you learned about Google Ads into setting up a campaign. We’ll walk you through each step, from start to finish. 

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Key skills: Setting up a campaign
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Resources: Guide to Google Ads
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Tools: Google Ads manager

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Who should take this course?
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If you're a busy marketer who is looking to upskill in a growth specialty, you've found yourself in the right place. This course is designed to be self-paced and with one year access to both course content and membership, you have the flexibility to set your own schedule.

How many hours have you spent on organic content that just won’t convert?

Not that we’re judging. Most marketers only have confusing, acronym-filled blogs to “learn” anything about Google Ads.

So we write more content instead, cursing social media algorithms for our low engagement rate while our competitors use ads to get to our customers first. 

Cut through the noise with Google Ads. 

Build strong, focused campaigns that will connect you directly with the people most likely to become your best customers. 

With Growclass you’ll unlock expert support to set up your account and get confident with keyword research, structuring your ad groups, writing high performing copy, and generating real sales.