Most of us go way too broad with our customer demographic—and try speaking to every segment we think we can serve in our copy and ads. Get crystal clear about your ideal customer and unlock the leanest ways to convert them. 

Build into your career toolkit and learn how:

Employ customer integration into your business
How to conduct customer interviews
Build out your user persona
Implement the day in the life map into your growth strategy

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"What I go back to, over and over and over again, is customer psychology, lifecycle and empathy. It’s critical to my work."

Marci Geisler
Customer Growth Marketing, Fiix

Customer Psychology is a self-paced course, so there is no need to wait. Get introduced to the Growclass community and start the course today.

Ready to level up your Customer Psychology skills? So are we, get on in here friend.
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This course is for you if...

You’re a freelancer struggling to connect with your target audience 

You’re a marketer trying to optimize every stage of your funnel

You’re a small business owner trying to discover new growth opportunities, how to position your offering, and which channels to focus on

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Meet Your Instructor
Sarah Stockdale
FOUNDER, Growclass

Sarah Stockdale is the Founder of Growclass, the Host of The Growth Effect, and the Author of We Need To Talk About This, and guest tech expert on the CBC and CTV. But first, she’s a conversion copywriter with over 12 years of experience. Sarah has helped hundreds of companies of all sizes, from startups, e-commerce companies, to large enterprises, write high converting landing pages, ads, and email funnels. 

What you'll learn

Lesson 1
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Customer Focus 

A customer-focused growth strategy is a powerful growth strategy. Learn why customer happiness is a key channel for growth, what customer integration is and how you can employ it in your business. 

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Key skills: Customer integration
Lesson 2
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Customer Interviews

We're going to talk to some strangers. Talking to your customers or prospective customers is the best way to discover new growth opportunities, how to position your offering, and which channels to focus your efforts on.

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Key skills: Customer outreach
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Resources: Customer interview toolkit, Customer interview outreach template
Lesson 3
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Creating User Personas

Learn how to create your user persona—a fictionalized description of your ideal target customer based on the research and evidence you’ve collected from your interviews, and the data you’ve collected through your product.

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Key skills: User personas
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Resources: User persona template, User persona example
Lesson 4
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Creating a Day In The Life Map

Go through what a day in the life map is and why it’s important to your growth strategy. We’ll guide you step-by-step through creating this document and how to implement it into your growth strategy.

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Key skills: Customer empathy
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Resources: Customer empathy exercise, Customer interview template, Day in the life map

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Who should take this course?
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If you're a busy marketer who is looking to upskill in a growth specialty, you've found yourself in the right place. This course is designed to be self-paced and with one year access to both course content and membership, you have the flexibility to set your own schedule.

You’ve optimized every stage of your funnel, but your ads, landing pages and sales emails won’t convert.

…because it’s possible you’re still talking to the wrong person. 

Most of us go way too broad with our customer demographic—and try speaking to every segment we think we can serve in our copy and ads. 

We get it. Who doesn’t want a big piece of the pie? But when you try speaking to everyone, you’re actually speaking to no one.

By getting specific, you’ll start connecting with people who want what you’re selling.

Instead of guessing who your ideal customer is, you’ll start talking to them: discovering new growth opportunities, how to position your offering, and which channels to focus on to ping those sales.

With our practical lessons, templates and toolkits you’ll have everything you need to get into the heads of your most valuable customers right away + guidance from experts who’ve been where you are, and want to see you succeed.