Become an expert in growth marketing.
Growclass is a video-based online growth marketing training. Learn the key tools, strategies, and frameworks to grow your company faster. Connect to a powerful community of marketing professionals, mentors, and instructors.

On Growclass
You will learn the key growth marketing skills necessary to build a comprehensive strategy: customer psychology, growth funnels, retention and referral strategy. You’ll also learn the core growth channels you need to execute your strategy including SEO, content marketing, ads, and email marketing.

Growclass is a community of smart people who care about personal and professional growth. We have a lively online community, AMA’s and programming all students have access to.

Growclass is an intensive marketing course to help level up as a professional in an inclusive, friendly learning environment.
We’ll provide you with the skills necessary to grow your business, and the support network to make it happen.

The Details

Growclass is a video-based training program. You can go at your own pace. You'll take the course with a cohort of students as a support network.

Lessons are released each Sunday.
We have live Zoom office hours each Thursday.

Our spring cohort has closed. Please sign up for updates on our next course!

Maybe you’re an experienced marketer or a new founder and you know a little bit about a lot of things. Growclass will skill you up and leave you with the tools and resources you need to feel more confident.

You’re smart and you understand marketing. But there are so many channels and so many approaches that it’s hard to know where to start. Growclass provides you with the clarity to get results.

Growing a business can be lonely work. There’s not always someone to bounce ideas off of or learn from. Growclass will connect you with a powerful community you can lean on for support.
If you’re a founder looking to learn growth, a marketing-team-of-one looking for support, or a professional looking to level up your skills, growclass will help you build new skills, banish your imposter syndrome, and connect you to a community of incredible people.
An incredible and comprehensive course.
Jas Banwait
VP Marketing, Flashfood
Most importantly, what will growclass actually teach me?
Especially now, we all need to do more with a lot less. In this module we get scrappy. You’ll learn how to develop a growth mindset and experimental framework to lean on data to uncover insights that save you precious time and resources.
This module is all about getting into the heads of your most valuable customers, to uncover the leanest ways to convert them. Especially in challenging times, we need to fully understand who we are selling to and how to add value to them.
Goal Setting
& Analytics
Week three is all about setting smart goals for your growth to create focus. Without tracking, you are running blindfolded with both hands tied behind your back. With them, you can see clearly, dodge obstacles, and optimize your marketing budget.
In this workshop you’ll learn how to use Facebook and Google Ad Managers like a pro. You’ll learn how to plan creative and write copy, how to run ad experiments, and how to optimize your ads for a low cost of customer acquisition.
The copy on your landing pages, in your ads, and in your emails are directly tied to sales. We’ll give you the tools to feel confident writing landing pages, ad creative and emails that convert customers 15x faster.
Email is the most important source of revenue for most businesses. You’ll learn the most important part of email marketing (and it’s not what you think), how to build a larger and more engaged list, and how to use behavioural psychology to write better emails.
Our inclusive community of mentors are here to support you. Our instructors and mentors have successfully launched and grown their own companies.
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We’re donating 5% of all proceeds to Red Door Shelter, to support those fleeing domestic abuse during COVID-19.
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"I contemplated for months if I should register because there are so many options. I was relieved at the end of the first session because I felt like I had already received my money’s worth."
Denny Morrison
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