Here's why you need a blog editorial calendar template

January 13, 2020
Sarah Stockdale

You’ve probably heard of a Football Playbook before, also known as a “plan of action” or “strategy.” Playbooks are essential in helping teams win more games, improve consistency, and it also holds each team member accountable for their role in the plan.

When it comes to blog content planning and production, having a strategy in place is essential for content success. A blog editorial calendar spanning over a few months or even an entire year helps teams gather and track content ideas, organization contributions and planning content themes.

Your blog editorial calendar acts much like a playbook, moving a blog post (instead of a football) from initial ideation, to draft, and eventually, to published. It’s a tool to help you organize and plan all your blog content, making execution virtually foolproof.

69% of companies use an editorial calendar for blog posts, is yours one of them? If not, you can easily get started with our free blog content calendar template in Google Sheets.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking: a Google Sheet? Really? There are dozens of tools out there that are designed to organize and plan your content editorial.

But hear us out. Why does a plain ole spreadsheet work well?

It’s cheap: aka basically free.

It’s accessible: Most companies use Google Drive or Microsoft Office, meaning one less tool to log-in to.

It’s digestible: No software sign-up, special access or learning curve required. Everybody on the team has easy access.

It does the job: Sometimes fancy, isn’t always better (especially for scrappy startups).

So go on, snag that blog content calendar template, build our your blogging schedule, and kickstart your content marketing efforts. We can't wait to see what you'll share.

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