The Gift of Growth, a 7 day email course
November 9, 2020
Sarah Stockdale

With the holiday season around the corner, we’ve been thinking through what that will now look like in 2020… 

There will be no more mall Santa’s. Though, we’re not really sad about that one if we’re being honest. We really never loved sitting on the laps of strange men with stick-on-beards, tbh.

But we do know that the *yawn* content is on it’s way.

87% of companies* will do a tired 12 days of “giving”. What am I really getting here, Amy? A series of coupons I don’t want. Pass.

99% of companies* will take a one day of sale like Cyber Monday or Black Friday into three weeks of SHOUTY EMAILS AND DISCOUNTS. 

Capitalism at its best, amirite?

Then there are the beauty advent calendars, I really don’t need a pinky sized lip gloss from a company I’ve never heard of…


We are prepared to be bored. 

Our eyes are ready to ROLL.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t do something actually useful to combat the nonsense your poor inboxes are about to endure. 

So we’re doing something we’d actually like to hear about.

Now introducing, The Gift of Growth!

What is this you might be asking!? It says “gift” so I’m incredulous.

Okay, let us explain. The Gift of Growth is a brand new education series for the everyday growth marketer, founder and student-extraordinaire. 

When you sign up you will be gifted 7 days of  hand crafted, overly supportive and most importantly, educationally-valuable emails that help lay the foundation to the need-to-knows in Growth. 

You’ll also get access to video classes and insider content. 


 We will just gift you some education that will help your business through this last crawl-to-the-finish of 2020.

The course outline looks a little something like this:

DAY 1: What is Growth?

DAY 2: Funnel Growth

DAY 3: Running Experiments

DAY 4: Copywriting for Growth

DAY 5: Email Marketing

DAY 6: SEO is for Humans

DAY 7: No code growth 

Interested? Great! Head on over here to sign up and we will see you over there.

It’s going to be great.

*I clearly made up these stats but... you get it.

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