How to position your company during a downturn with April Dunford

May 6, 2020
Sarah Stockdale

What is a positioning statement? And how the hell do you write one in the middle of a pandemic? 

In this edition of Growing in Challenging Times, we sit down with April Dunford, a global positioning expert to discuss how to think through positioning, even when the news is a constant stream of hot wet garbage. We dig into how to adapt your messaging to the ever, uh, changing economy and news cycle to meet your customers where they are.

April Dunford is an international keynote speaker on the topics of Positioning, Market Strategy and New Product Introduction. She is the bestselling author of Obviously Awesome, where she shares her hard won positioning guidebook. Messaging is one of the most important things you need to get right in your business.

April brings her signature blunt, hilarious perspective to how you should change the way you think about messaging for your company.

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