No Code Growth
May 20, 2020
Sarah Stockdale
No Code Growth with Emily Lonetto

What is no-code you didn't ask? It's a movement to build apps, automation, sites, and more, without ever touching a line of code.

In this edition of Growing in Challenging Times, we learn the goods from Emily Lonetto - a master of automating tedious manual processes, building gorgeous sites, and voice apps with a master-level toolkit.

Emily is the Head of Growth at Voiceflow – a platform that makes it easy for designers, developers, and companies to build voice apps without code. In her spare time, Emily co-runs GrowthTO — the largest organization of growth practitioners in Canada. Prior to Voiceflow and GrowthTO, Emily led experimental growth at Clio – driving hypothesis-driven mentality into the marketing department and beyond.Before Clio, Emily held various growth positions in companies such as PartnerStack (YC'15, formerly GrowSumo) and Tilt (YC'12, acquired by Airbnb).

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