The 2020 Growclass Grads Gift Guide

December 15, 2020
Sarah Stockdale

We're all looking for ways to keep our cash out of millionaires yacht budgets and into the hands of small business owners. If you're a little late on the gift-buying, that's okay, we've made you an easy shopping list. We work with incredible founders, entrepreneurs, and passionate marketers with cool side hustles.

So we've made a list (and we've checked it twice) to make it easy to support smol while finding something perfect for every niche human in your life.

Get it for the beauty junkie who orders vegan pizza

  • Have a friend who is down with 15 step skincare and cauliflower pizza? They need the natural skincare all of the dragons fought over, get them Three Ships. By Growclass alum Connie Lo and Laura Burget.
  • If you’re looking for the most moisturizing product ever, grab the best natural lip balms from Ghee. By Growclass alum Deepika Sharma.
  • Want something unique? Support pretty botanical elixir Loa Skin. By Growclass alum Tyler Yang.

For the parent who needs a break

  • Get the Moms in your life a subscription to Chairman Mom, an incredible, inclusive, members-only support community for Moms. By Growclass alum Sarah Lacy.
  • Get those littles a Sago Mini subscription box so the adults can lay face down on the floor in peace for a hot sec. Feat Growclass alum Brittany Tilstra.

Get it for the yogi who reminds you to breathe

  • My blood is 73% eggnog, so even I need some Greenhouse Juice right now. Feat Growclass alum Billy Picard.
  • Know someone having a moment telling their family they can’t come home? These calming meditations are just the ticket to help. By Growclass alum Jas Banwait.
  • Want something custom? Brave embroidery is a side-project, and the creations are gorgeous. By Growclass alum Natalia Gonzalez Mancera.

For the one who sets trends

Get it for the recently married... or recently single 

  • For someone who needs some extra self care, which is everyone in 2020 grab a FlowJo box for solo or relationship-ed up folks. By Growclass instructor Tiffany DaSilva.

Get it for the new cook 

  • Worried that your university aged kid is just putting butter on plain spaghetti? Ew. Get them a Good Food For Good sauce bundle to add a little... spice. By Growclass alum Richa Gupta.
  • Put down that puzzle and send pizza instead. Send them a GA Pizza Subscription, nothing is better than monthly za. Feat Growclass grad Tat Read.

Get it for the goal setter

  • For the friend who is looking to level up in their career, make a transition or is just overall career-motivated, get them Clear Career. They have a great six-week Career Hacking 101 course available right now. By Growclass grad Izzy Piyale-Sheard.

Get it for the athlete who loves to sweat it out

For the one with the prettiest lifestyle blog

  • They're busy and don't need to worry about stocking up on the highest quality tights, get them a Threads subscription box. By Growclass alum Xenia Chen.
  • If you're looking for beautifully custom handmade pieces for your friends home, Hemme is the place. By Growclass alum Mandy Milks.
  • Girl Gang Goodies has the cutest merch that sells out fast, and don't forget a gift card for the best cookies on this planet. By Growclass alum Morgan Lunn.

For the last minute techie

  • For the caffeinated, well-read friend, get them a Logic subscription. By Growclass alum Caroline Mercer.

For yourself

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