The 2021 Growclass Grads Gift Guide

December 7, 2021
Mariam Zohouri

Supply chain delays who? We’ve got you covered with our annual holiday guide, chock full of small business gift ideas that will delight every person in your life. 

From Blume’s superfood lattes to Flowjo’s self-care bucket list, when you order from these businesses you’re not just giving someone one hell of a gift: you’re also supporting some of the amazing founders, entrepreneurs and side-hustlers from our Growclass community

Because when you shop smol, an actual human does a happy dance. 

Head’s up! 

What makes a gift great? Well, that depends on who you ask. 

To make your gift-giving easy as mince pie we’ve broken down our holiday gift guide based on the tastes of the gift getter. 

For the skincare buff who—

… can’t stand it when brands green-wash their products

  • Three Ships’ purpose-driven, plant-based skincare. By Canadian beauty darlings and Growclass alum Connie Lo and Laura Burget

… religiously applies lip balm three times a day

  • Ghlee’s hydrating, natural lip balm rooted in a centuries old pillar ingredient—ghee. By Growclass alum Deepkia Sharma.

… has a drawer stacked with skincare potions

  • Loa Skin’s conscious beauty brand was built by its founders to overcome their own skin problems. By Growclass alum Tyler Yang

For the parent who—

… needs a f***ing break

  • Sago Mini’s expert-approved subscription box is perfect for child development (and giving parents a sweet, sweet break). By Growlcass alum Brittany Tilstra.

... loves their furbaby

  • Hijoey’s custom voice-recordable buttons let you easily train, record, and listen to your dog "talk". By Growclass grad Sean Ho Lung. 

For the wellness enthusiast who—

 … would gladly swap their eggnog for a solid green juice

  • Greenhouse Juice’s delicious, organic, plant-based beverages. By Growclass alum Billy Picard.

... is on the hunt for a natural deodorant that actually works 

  • Nala Care’s free-from body care for natural, high quality, and beautiful products for your most sensitive areas. By Growclass alum Ada Juristovski 

… has “start a new business” on their vision board

  • Zen Row, whose coaching focuses on building a bulletproof mindset to grow confidence and make money. By Growclass alum Jas Banwait.

... is as addicted to turmeric lattes as you are to coffee

  • Blume’s lattes are a modern twist on the ancient tradition of infusing superfoods to balance health and wellbeing. Feat. Growclass alum Lauren Ryan. 

For your bestie who—

… could use a lil extra love this year

  • FlowJo boxes makes bucket lists to inspire you to deepen your relationship, whether it’s with a partner or yourself. By Growclass instructor Tiffany DaSilva.

… loves a sassy stitch

  • Brave Embroidery’s gorgeous, hand-stitched creations. By Growclass alum Natalia Gonzalez Mancera. 

… just got hitched

For the foodie who— 

... is going plastic-free

  • Abeego’s all-natural beeswax wraps keep food fresh and plastic out of our landfills. Feat. Growclass alum Amanda Chan. 

... loves ketchup, but doesn’t love loading their food with refined sugars

  • Good Food For Good’s dips and sauces are certified organic and free of refined sugar, soy, corn syrup, gluten, dairy, or preservatives. By Growclass alum Richa Gupta.  

... has “pizza” listed as their love language

For the style icon who—

… is on the hunt for that true, deep skin foundation

... will not stop wearing their favourite skirt, snowstorms be damned

  • Threads’ high quality, comfortable and affordable hosiery for men and women will keep them polished and warm year round. By Growclass grad Xenia Chen.

For the go-getter who— 

 … wants to connect with other badass women

  • ChairmanMe’s inclusive, members-only (and troll-free) support community is there to talk business, politics, arts, and science. By Growclass alum Sarah Lacy.

... loves to sweat it out

  • 6ix Cycle’s workouts on demand include SPIN, HIIT, LIFT and FLOW classes. By Growclass team member Julie Harrish.

... is as caffeinated as they are well-read

  • The Logic’s subscription is for and by influential business and policy leaders constructively disrupting the status quo. By Growclass alum Caroline Mercer

For the aspiring interior designer who— 

... understands the power of scent to set the tone 

  • Lyde’s hand-poured soy candles, who donate a portion from each purchase to mental health organizations. By Growclass alum Toni Akinwumi

... has a Pinterest board dedicated to redesigning every room in their house

  • Daakor’s interior design and furnishing solutions take the headache out of home design. By Growclass alum Dilhani Dodangoda

… color coordinates everything 

  • Hemme’s beautifully custom, handmade window coverings are tailor-made to every space. By Growclass alum Mandy Milks.

For the career builder who— 

… wants a life/career/mindset coach rolled into one

... could use some help onboarding their growing team

  • Aboard’s solution for busy business owners and HR leaders helps deliver automated People Programs. By Growclass alum Evan Hallward

... is ready to pivot in 2022

  • ClearCareer’s school helps you design the career you want, and create your own opportunities for employment. By Growclass grad Izzy Piyale-Sheard.


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