How Adrienne Sheares empowers leaders to embrace authenticity and achieve success

September 7, 2023
Hannah Permell

Today we have the privilege of introducing you to the latest Growclass Mentor, Adrienne Sheares. 

Adrienne is not your average entrepreneur. She's a keynote speaker, storyteller extraordinaire, strategist, and career coach all rolled into one. Believe it or not, she started her first business at the ripe old age of eight and she hasn't looked back since.

Today, Adrienne is the proud owner ViviMae Labs, your go-to spot for all things social PR. She offers coaching, corporate training, workshops, and strategic advice. Her specialty is  helping leaders tap into the power of social PR, so they can unleash their expertise and attract the opportunities they deserve.

Adrienne has worked her magic for clients like AARP, Discovery Education, Issa Rae (the creator of HBO's Insecure), Legends of Learning, Lego Dimensions, The Root, and more.

 So, let's grab a seat, cozy up, and dive into the world of Adrienne.

What's Adrienne's superpower, you ask? It's her unique perspective! She's got an uncanny way of looking at the world that's like a breath of fresh air. People flock to her for the insights she brings to the table.

 “I’ve been told I look at things differently, so I get a lot of people coming to me for my perspective or for my insights at work.”

Adrienne uses her unique perspective to help spark those "a-ha" moments in folks. She loves helping people discover their personal brand, unleash their thought leadership, and rock it on the digital stage. 

She lives for those moments when folks realize they've got something special to share–– whether they've been underestimating their talents or overthinking their whole social media strategy, Adrienne helps them get unstuck.

“I love bringing out epiphanies in people. When they finally have that a-ha moment that not everyone knows what they know. Or that there is a way they can show up online without having to be a full time creator–– I live for it!”

If Adrienne could time travel and drop some knowledge on her younger self, she'd say: "It’s okay to be different!” Growing up in a predominately white town, Adrienne always wanted to fit in and be like everyone else. But her mom had a meaningful conversation with her one day that changed everything. Now, being different is what sets Adrienne apart in her career, and she's not afraid to lean into it.

“I was so angry because I did not want to hear how I was different from everyone else. But now it’s what sets me apart from everyone else in my career, so I lean into that. You gotta be okay with that.”

It all makes sense when you hear that her favourite book recommendation is: "Professional Troublemaker: The Fear-Fighter Manual" by Luvvie Ajayi Jones. This book is all about breaking through the fear that's been holding you back and owning your true self. 

“It really shines light on how fear holds us back or how we feel we need to be in order to be successful. Luvvie goes through her journey of how you should actually just be yourself and how to fight through fear. Whether that is the fear of speaking up, or advocating for yourself, or standing up for what’s right.”

When it comes to her career Adrienne has learned some important lessons, the most important one being–– you are in control of your own career. 

“Nobody is going to care about you or think about you like you are going to think about you. So it’s really your job to be the pilot of your career. And be okay with thinking bigger than maybe your bosses are thinking.”

Adrienne believes that you don’t have to wait around for a mentor to swoop in and save you–– you're the captain of your ship, and you can steer it toward any direction of your choosing. 

“Don’t let people put you in a box. If you find yourself, or your boss, or your job putting you in a box, you don’t have to stay in that box.”

While she might not be a fan of staying in boxes, one thing Adrienne does love is time blocking! Meetings, deep work, networking–– each gets its own special moment in her day. She believes that knowing how you work is the best productivity hack for entrepreneurs.

“Make a list of what absolutely needs to get done and what needs to get done eventually so you can prioritise. Just because something feels urgent or expects immediacy, doesn't mean it’s important. It's about finding that balance so you’re not spinning in circles jumping from task to task.”

If Adrienne could leave one lasting impression on folks, she hopes that she is remembered for being her genuine self. Forget those cookie-cutter ideas of what a leader should be or what an entrepreneur looks like, Adrienne is all about keeping it real. Winning is cool, but it's authenticity that really counts.

“I feel like I’m very transparent with my relationships with people and with what I want from life. So I’d like to be remembered for my genuineness because I genuinely love to help people.”

Adrienne embodies a growth mindset in everything that she does. Whether it's listening to someone's story or a different way of thinking, she loves learning about new things. 

“Seeing how other people think or how other people dream really helps me get out of my comfort zone and understand that there is another way to do things. I like seeing different perspectives.”

And there you have it–– that’s the scoop on Adrienne Sheares, the coolest new Growclass mentor on the block. 

Are you ready to connect with this inspiring mentor? She's hanging out in the Growclass community or making waves on her website.

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