Our full certification program is designed to put you on a fast track to jobs in growth marketing, one of the highest growing fields in 2021.

You could learn by trial and error, or you could learn tangible skills that you can put to work right away—while joining a community of experts, mentors and kind, ambitious professionals who want to see you succeed.

At Growclass, you'll become a smarter marketer and see the results in real dollars. You'll gain the confidence to take on leadership roles and learn new skills that will help you kickstart or advance your career in growth.

Oh, and have we mentioned the templates/strategy decks/resources you can steal?

“I know my worth. That totally changed my earning potential. I’m on a completely different career trajectory now. When I received my job offer, my salary was a 20% raise from what I was making before.

Marci Geisler 
Manager, Customer Growth Marketing

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Helping underrepresented folks build lucrative careers is kind of our jam. 

Our full certification program was built to teach you tangible, modern marketing skills that’ll help you advance your career in growth, gain confidence and make more money.

Even if you’re new to growth, in just eight weeks you’ll learn everything you need to kickstart your career in this booming field. 

You’ll learn at your own pace, with a dynamic mix of hands-on activities, resources and templates you can use right away, as well as live office hours with our instructors and members-only workshops. Throughout, you’ll learn from industry experts who bring years of experience working at top brands like Google, Shopify, Airbnb, Pinterest and Wave.

What you'll learn

In just 8-weeks you’ll get certified in Growth Marketing, learning from experts with real-world experience in a friendly, approachable environment. And, when you enrol, you'll unlock access to 12-months of Growclass membership.
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Experimental Marketing
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Especially now, we all need to do more with a lot less. In this module we get scrappy. You’ll learn how to develop a growth mindset and experimental framework to lean on data to uncover insights that save you precious time + money.

Customer Psychology
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Get into the heads of your most valuable customers and uncover the leanest ways to convert them. You'll design your customer interviews, have real conversations with your customers, and positively transform your messaging and growth strategy.

Goal Setting & Analytics
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Set smart goals for your growth to create focus. Without tracking, you’re running blindfolded with both hands tied behind your back. With them, you can see clearly, dodge obstacles, and optimize your marketing budget.

Conversion Copywriting
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The copy on your landing pages, in your ads, and in your emails are directly tied to sales. We’ll give you the tools to feel confident writing landing pages, ad creative, and funnels that convert customers 15x faster.

Facebook Ads
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Go deep into how to build high performing Facebook ad campaigns. Learn how to set up effective Facebook ads, optimize your budget, measure your performance, write and build creative that converts, and get a better return on your investment.

Google Ads
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By the end of this module you’ll feel confident with keyword research, structuring your ad groups, writing high performing copy, and generating real sales with Google Ads.

Search Engine Optimization
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SEO is a key tactic to bring organic traffic to your business–but most people are doing it wrong. In this module you’ll learn technical and onsite SEO in a non-intimidating way and leave with a solid SEO and content strategy.

Email Marketing
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For most businesses, email is your most important source of revenue. Learn how to build a larger and more engaged list and write great marketing emails, SaaS onboarding funnels, nurture emails, and sales emails with the confidence and swagger of a 15-year email marketing veteran.

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You’ll leave Growclass with...
Instructors, mentors, and coaches who will guide you through hard marketing skills, and the softer parts of building a career that feels good.
You'll gain a network of over 500+ entrepreneurs, marketers, and founders who can become your clients, cheerleaders, new hires, and friends.
With Growclass you'll have access to over 85 lessons, from core growth marketing to negotiating a raise, managing your stress, and developing your personal narrative.
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Gain a Growclass Certificate
Complete our award-winning 8-week program and receive a certificate that you can show to your employer, add to your credentials on LinkedIn or use on your resume.

"Growclass is the best investment you can make in yourself."

"No matter where you are on the spectrum of knowledge of growth/digital marketing, you are going to walk away with real learnings and an engaged network. The course work is so rich, informative and actionable - it's designed for you to learn and implement right away, so you are testing your learnings immediately. Whether you're a founder, working for a company or looking for a career change, taking Growclass is going to leave you with skills you can use to advance your career and your company. If you're on the fence - hop off, and do it. The community that comes along with it, from attendees to mentors is engaged and so willing to learn and help each other. Cannot recommend this course enough!”

Morgan Lunn
Connect with the Growclass talent pool.

At Growclass, we’ve helped traditional marketers pivot into growth, mid-level employees get promoted, and those new to the field kickstart their career in a big way, thanks to our professional network of top-tier brands.

Representing the leading workplaces in growth, these companies include Airbnb, Shopify, Kijiji, LinkedIn, Bolt and more. When you join our talent pool, you’ll be considered by these Growclass companies for career opportunities, getting a leg up on the competition. 

Still have questions about how Growclass can advance your career? Don’t worry—we’d love to chat.

Learn how Growclass can fast track your career

Fast track your career

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Whether you’re new to growth or ready to level up, you're about to gain the job-ready skills to advance your career in this fast-growing, high-paying field. You'll learn in an approachable, no-acronym environment with unparalleled access to industry experts and employers from top brands who will help you get to work.