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01 Growth Marketing Strategy

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Here is where we set the foundation for the rest of the course. We’ll learn the fundamentals of strategic growth marketing, and start building your 90-day growth strategy.

By the end of this module you’ll be able to:

Effectively explain what a growth marketing funnel is, and how to plan marketing campaigns for each stage of the funnel.
Set up and track growth experiments for a client or for their employer.
Build a comprehensive 90-day growth marketing strategy.
Find the most impactful growth opportunities in your business, focus resources and budget, prioritize your marketing plan and get stakeholder buy-in
BONUS: The Growth Experimentation Template.

02 Customer Psychology

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Great growth marketers, and smart founders understand how to do customer research that informs the entire marketing strategy. 

By the end of this module you’ll be able to:

Design an effective customer research interview 
Gather key marketing insights and inform a marketing strategy.
Use customer research data to build user personas that are actually effective and practically useful.
Build a customer day-in-the-life-map and implement it into your growth strategy. 
BONUS: The Growclass Day In The Life template, The Growclass User Persona template, Our scripts for effective customer outreach.

03 Goal Setting and Analytics

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In this module you’ll learn how to set targets, measure your results, and get clear on marketing costs.

You’ll leave this module knowing how to:

Develop key performance indicators and track your marketing work
Set up Google Analytics 4 to track your work
Calculate and track a company’s customer acquisition cost
Set marketing team goals, build forecasts, attribute your work, and parse data with confidence
BONUS:Templates for Overworked Marketers: Calculating your customer acquisition cost, A simple Profit and Loss template for marketing.

04 AI for Marketing

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In this module you’ll learn how large language models work, and how to leverage them for your growth marketing strategy. This module is done through live workshops and take-home exercises to make sure it's up to date with the most cutting-edge AI developments.

You’ll leave this module knowing:

How large language models work, their limitations, and the potential of future technology
How to build tools like ChatGPT into your content marketing strategy
How to create inputs to get the most from AI tools
How to edit content created by language models so it will actually *work* for marketing
Which tools and resources to know to stay ahead of the AI curve

05 Search Engine Optimization

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In this module, you’ll learn how to build an actionable SEO strategy and execute the four key parts of SEO.

You’ll leave knowing:

What onsite SEO is, and how to optimize an internal page to rank on Google, write titles and meta descriptions for SEO, and use modern technology and AI to audit an existing page for errors.
What technical SEO is, and how technical SEO works, and perform a technical audit on a website.
What offsite SEO is, and how to leverage offsite SEO tatics to help improve your rankings.
How to do effective keyword research to inform an SEO strategy.

06 Email Marketing

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In this module, you’ll learn the technical, and human sides of email marketing that will increase your revenue, convert your clients, and sell your product.

You’ll leave this module knowing:

What email deliverability is, and how to set up an email infrastructure to make sure emails get into customers’ inboxes.
How to grow a marketing email list.
How to write engaging marketing emails that your customers actually want to read.
How to write email funnels that onboard, nurture, and retain your customers through different parts of your marketing funnel.

07 Conversion Copywriting

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In this module you’ll learn how to craft compelling value propositions, infuse personality into your brand writing, and structure high converting landing pages.

You’ll leave this module knowing:

How to uncover and write a powerful unique value proposition.
The Growclass copywriting framework, and how to audit your existing copy
How to use data and Growclass templates to learn how to write an effective sales page.
Tactics for writing copy for digital ads that convert
BONUS: The Growclass 10 Step Landing Page Formula.

Google Ads

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Let’s dive into Google Ads like a pro. Google ads is one of the post powerful platforms because the folks finding you are *searching* for what you sell. 

In this 8-part module lesson you’ll learn:

How to set up your campaigns and structure your ad groups
How to do positive and negative keyword research so you can appear for your customers and disappear for folks who aren’t ready to buy from you
How to plan your ad copy and creating (and how to take advantage of some tricks most marketers overlook)
How to set your budget, and bid properly
How to target your ad campaigns to find your best customers
How to track your performance with conversions

This module is taught by Adam Scanlon, Co Founder of Client Magnet. Adam has used Google Ads to make millions for his clients that span large companies, to brand new businesses.

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