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What our Alum say

Everything about Growclass was so carefully thought out, well developed and worth every penny. The instructors, the format, the cadence, the topics, the community - the list goes on and on. The best thing you could ever invest in is yourself and you should look no further than Growclass if you're looking to up your digital marketing game!

Photo of Andrew Lowry
Experiential Marketing Manager, Shopify
Growclass is the best investment you can make in yourself. No matter where you are on the spectrum of knowledge of growth/digital marketing, you are going to walk away with real learnings and an engaged network. The course work is so rich, informative and actionable - it's designed for you to learn and implement right away, so you are testing your learnings immediately. Whether you're a founder, working for a company or looking for a career change, taking Growclass is going to leave you with skills you can use to advance your career and your company. If you're on the fence - hop off, and do it. The community that comes along with it, from attendees to mentors is engaged and so willing to learn and help each other. Cannot recommend this course enough!
Photo of Morgan Lunn
Are you a founder or CEO? Stop debating. You need this course right now.

I am not a growth marketer, and I didn’t take this course to become one. But how can you run a growth business without understanding the most vital word in that phrase: GROWTH!! After years of hiring bad growth marketers, I finally found a great one. But I still had a problem: I had to just nod when she spoke because I didn’t really understand the nitty gritty of the strategy and tactics. And then sit around and wait for results. Worse: Even though I knew my customer inside and out, I didn’t have the confidence to write our marketing materials, because I didn’t know the industry best practices. That secret language of growth marketing. I wanted to be able to take more action, but I was all art and no science.


I joined GrowClass to solve both problems. I wanted to know enough to be a better manager of my growth team, and be better at hiring growth folks in the future. I asked around about good Growth Marketing classes, and was referred to GrowClass specifically because it isn’t the usual performative bro-grow culture that is rampant in Silicon Valley. I didn’t need any extra toxic masculinity in my life, TYVM. The course has just enough meat to it, that you are learning a lot each week, but the asynchronous flow makes it easy to consume at your own pace, and catch up on if you get behind. The homework keeps you on track, and immediately ties the lessons to your business.

I just finished, and I am still not planning to change careers and become a growth marketer. BUT what I’ve gained is invaluable! I can suggest strategies my marketing team may not have thought of for constantly iterating and testing our Facebook campaigns. I can ask our dev team smart questions about SEO optimization. I have a much better understanding of the ENTIRE growth funnel, and a whole new appreciation for email marketing. And I’m having more fun at work.

Constant experimentation is fun when the result is suddenly a flood of revenue coming in the door! Even better than that: I know how to do way more of this stuff myself! I can write my own landing pages, my own email drip campaigns, and Facebook creative! That’s saved me thousands of dollars of billable hours from my contract marketing team. Not only that, my first email campaign brought in $7,000 in additional revenue in a matter of minutes— more than double what GrowClass cost! This course has already paid for itself many many times over.

I’m planning on sending other members of my management team to GrowClass, because growth is our lifeblood as a startup. Why should it be confined to one department? If your startup is truly a team, equip everyone to play their part in growing your company.
Photo of Sarah Lacy
FOUNDER + CEO, chairman mom
As someone who doesn't have experience in growth hacking, I was nervous to attend this program. I quickly overcame my self-doubt as soon as I walked into my first class. I now feel confident in my abilities to test and run growth experiments, as well as lead a team in this function.
Photo of Connie Lo
Connie Lo
Co-Founder, Niu Body
Growclass gives you access to a diverse, intelligent and passionate group of instructors who are all experts in their field. The modules are full of high level marketing information broken down into manageable chunks, that have the ability to meet you wherever you are in your growth marketing journey.  You can go at your own pace, so there is no need to rush, and the Growclass crew is there for you every step of the way. The ability to connect with other students is a huge plus and the weekly office hours were incredibly helpful. They give you the opportunity to ask questions about the material, how to implement what you learned in your own business and serve as an opportunity to connect with your classmates and instructors. This is marketing course you have been looking for!
Photo of Lauren A. Gibbs
Growclass is a cutting-edge learning experience designed for marketers who want to build hands-on growth marketing skills. Taught by experts with real world experience, growclass offers a user-centric, data-driven, and practical approach to growth in a warm and friendly environment.
Photo of Teena Saur
Teena Saur
Director of Brand and Marketing, Sago Mini
You join a community of smart people up to big things, and weekly industry leaders teach concepts and skills that you can apply at work later that day. The class and community keep you growing in the short and long-term.
Photo of jason Reiniger
Jason Reiniger
Growth Product Manager, FlipGive
Growclass was the right choice! As a woman of colour and an immigrant, you second guess yourself so much. Growclass gave me the confidence in my knowledge and I learned new things that I'll be able to apply in my career.  There will also be a group of people who are also taking the class and you can all support each other. My #1 advice is to show up and give it your best, whatever that means for you - take your time with the modules or follow the schedule - that's okay) :)
Photo of Natalia Gonzales Mancera
Natalia Gonzalez Mancera
digital marketing strategist
Growclass was exactly what I needed when I transitioned into my first growth role in the Fintech space. Thanks to Growclass and the network of instructors at the top of their game, I was able to hit the ground running with confidence and creativity.
Photo of Tracy Laranjo
Tracy Laranjo
Growth Manager, Willful
The perfect blend of not being too basic that it's boring but also not so detailed that you get lost in the weeds. The instructors really knew their stuff and the classmates were all highly engaged during the sessions. I feel empowered and excited to dive right into our campaigns.
Photo of Laura Burget
Laura Burget
Co-Founder, Niu Body
Growclass was an opportunity I sought to learn how I could better my position in the startup and non-profit I work on. I loved it. By the middle of the program, I already felt I got so much value. The knowledge shared was both open, and honest, but most importantly, I could replicate it. Thinking through ideas with others who excelled at their roles was extremely useful in honing in on quick, tactical decision-making skills that could help grow an organization. Even if you haven't launched yet, understanding how to inform your product or communications can impact how fast you are understood by your core audience & ultimately how many sales or connections you make. I recommend it for anyone looking to grow their business, brand, community or key performance indicators in smart, intuitive & budget-friendly ways.
Photo of Joella Almeida
JOELLA Almeida
Director of Operations, MEDESSIST
I've wanted to do serious digital/growth marketing for some time. In past roles, I had other key deliverables to prioritize. 'Real' projects stayed out of reach. When I started in my current role, I knew if I didn't take the proverbial bull by the horns and jump in, I'd end up back where I started: the land of haphazard results with serious FOMO compared to other marketing shops I admired.GrowClass was a perfect place to explore the limits of my technical knowledge. I attended with a senior colleague and expected to learn with her as a way of investing in our department's strategy and our career development. I'm happy to report that GrowClass fully delivered on that front.
What I didn't expect was that Sarah would assemble a robust team of subject-matter experts who shared her sense of play combined with hardcore results. I didn't expect them to be so friendly and willing to give their time. I didn't expect my classmates to be awesome people who are on their way to becoming long-time peers. I didn't realize I'd gain access to a network.I didn't expect to gain awesome friends and mentors. If you're on the fence about whether you've got the chops to do growth marketing in a serious way, Growclass is your ticket.
Photo of Elizabeth Monier-Williams
I was someone who had really only gotten to dip my toes into Growth Marketing. Through Growclass, I was met with in depth sessions run by industry leaders, material that was incredibly easy to understand and a tangible plan to follow after the course. Best of all, I continue to be able to rely on my peers and instructors within the Growclass community to this day!
Photo of Khamil Alhade
Business Solutions Consultant, Method:CRM
Growclass was a warm and positive atmosphere where I felt comfortable asking questions. I learned a lot from the expert speakers. The syllabus matched up well with the problems I'm trying to solve at work and I felt that I left with a lot of information I will use. Growclass was such a positive experience. I learned a lot of valuable skills that will help me in my role.
Photo of Caroline Mercer
Audience engagement editor, The Logic
GrowClass helped me to accelerate and round out my skills at a critical junction in my career. I recommend it to ambitious marketing professionals and entrepreneurs looking to upskill and join a strong community.
Photo of Jaxson Khan
CEO, Khan & Associates
For a long time, I struggled to find a community or training program for marketers that wasn't kind of.. FluffyTM. Growclass is a great bridge to level up your hard marketing execution skills, while strengthening your strategy and management know-how.
Photo of Sofie Bedard
Sofie Bédard
Marketing and Content, Cetaris
I feel like I have found my people. I’ve been searching for something like Growclass for a while. Not only did I dig deeper into areas of growth marketing where I haven’t had hands-on experience, but I’ve also joined a community of high-performing, supportive individuals. If you’re looking to level up your skills, and surround yourself with a whip-smart crew, enrol in the next cohort. You won’t regret it.
Photo of Jessica Piccolotto
For me, Growclass was a way to level up my skills and to help me gain practical experience in an area of marketing that I had not previously been as deeply engaged.  I wanted to find a course that would expand my knowledge base and add to my experience in order to help me find a job, because at that time I was between opportunities.  As a direct result of what I learned in Growclass, from the modules, office hours with course instructors and interaction with the Growclass community, I secured a new role as a Senior Growth Markerter at BPTN.  I would recommend Growclass to anyone looking to supplement their growth marketing knowledge in a very practical and applicable manner.
Photo of Julianne Trotman
What our clients are saying.
The impressive thing about this is that she only spent 1 hour a week with my team (after the strategy work had been completed), but her influence, presence, and advice carried on into *almost* every conversation that my team had outside of their weekly session with her. Sarah is knowledgeable, smart, relatable, and has a presence that commands attention.
ATB Finanical Logo
Chett Matchett
Managing Director of Innovation,
ATB Financial
Every week for the past year, our marketing leaders met with Sarah. During this period, our business tripled in revenues into a multi-million dollar business. A big part of this was due to the 'CMO level' advice we’d receive from Sarah. Sarah is a huge asset for any company she works with.
Kettle & Fire Logo
Wilson Hung
Director of Growth, Kettle and Fire
We’ve had the privilege of working with Sarah for over a year. She has the ability to fully grasp our needs and respond in ways that are both tangible and actionable. With her help, we were able to develop the processes to drive growth as we worked through a re-launch of our brand, product and service offerings.
Prosper Logo
Krystyn Harrison
Founder & CEO, Prosper
Sarah was the first person we reached out to following our capital raise, and she immediately began to establish the pillars for a growth mindset at AHLOT. Her thoughtful approach helped develop our most junior marketing talent into a fundamentally sound growth marketer, which has benefited AHLOT tremendously.
Aholt Logo
Greg Pantelic
Co-Founder & CEO, AHLOT
Sarah was a tremendous asset to the team, not only for her sound strategic thinking but also for her role in the creation of our Influencer program. Without a doubt, Sarah elevated our culture and our commitment to sustainable growth.
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Mark Bachman
Co-founder & CEO, FlipGive
If you’re ready to join an incredible network of marketers and founders, and build an indispensable skill set in growth, join our crew.
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