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Email marketing is the highest revenue-generating growth channel — producing $44 of revenue for ever $1 spent. In this course, you’ll learn how to write effective marketing emails, SaaS onboarding funnels, nurture emails, and sales emails with the confidence and swagger of a 15-year veteran.
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The perfect blend of not being too basic that it's boring but also not so detailed that you get lost in the weeds. The instructors really knew their stuff and the classmates were all highly engaged during the sessions. I feel empowered and excited to dive right into our campaigns.

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Write marketing emails that convert subscribers into customers

→ You’ll learn how to write compelling emails that convert your customer at every stage of the funnel.

→ Use research to craft key messages that will connect to your most valuable customer.

→ Learn how to anticipate your customer’s hesitations, and use them intelligently in your copy to coach them to conversion.

Steal our hard-earned tips honed from sending millions of marketing emails.

→ We’ll dive into email deliverability, and to make sure your emails end up in customer’s inboxes, and not in spam.

→ Nab our methodology for writing email copy that takes your customer from “meh” to *adds to cart*

→ Learn to write effective abandoned cart funnels, sales series, on-boarding funnels, and retention flows 

→ You’ll feel confident writing marketing emails that will increase your revenue, convert your clients, and sell your product.

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Sarah Stockdale
Founder, Growclass

Sarah has spent her career growing early stage technology companies — focused on digital marketing, scrappy growth strategies, data, and retention. Sarah was one of the early hires at the Canadian Fintech giant, Wave which was acquired by H&R Block in one of the largest Canadian exits of all time. She then led growth teams at Tilt, growing the Canadian business from scratch, launching in 8 countries, and building what is still the largest ever international college ambassador program. Tilt was acquired by Airbnb in 2017.

For a long time, I struggled to find a community or training program for marketers that wasn't kind of.. FluffyTM. Growclass is a great bridge to level up your hard marketing execution skills, while strengthening your strategy and management know-how.