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Copywriting for Conversion
Join Copywriting for Conversion and you’ll learn how to write web and ad copy that turns your customer’s maybes into enthusiastic “add to cart”s. You’ll be getting high fives from bosses, clients, and you’ll see a real difference in your bottom line. The course is taught by Growclass Founder, Sarah Stockdale. Class starts today
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As someone who doesn't have experience in growth, I was nervous to attend this program. I quickly overcame my self-doubt as soon as I walked into my first class. I now feel confident in my abilities to test and run growth experiments, as well as lead a team in this function.

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Learn how to write copy that turns clicks into sales

Actually do that site audit you’ve been meaning to make time for using our simple formula. The changes will re-energize your business to help you make more sales.

→ Use research to craft key messages that will connect to your most valuable customer.

Learn how to anticipate your customer’s hesitations, and use them intelligently in your copy to coach them to conversion.

→ Use our 7-step formula for writing customer-focused value propositions that communicate your message in a single sentence.

→ Learn how to structure your landing pages to turn window shoppers into actual shoppers. The Growclass framework will make this 15x easier.

→ Nab our methodology for writing ad copy that converts. Increase your ROI while decreasing your spend on Facebook. Your money has better things to do.

→ Use behavioural psychology to write copy that appeals to your customer's motivations for buying, and nudges them to conversion.

Total value of $2,300
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Sarah Stockdale
Founder, Growclass

Sarah has spent her career growing early stage technology companies — focused on digital marketing, scrappy growth strategies, data, and retention. Sarah was one of the early hires at the Canadian Fintech giant, Wave which was acquired by H&R Block in one of the largest Canadian exits of all time. She then led growth teams at Tilt, growing the Canadian business from scratch, launching in 8 countries, and building what is still the largest ever international college ambassador program. Tilt was acquired by Airbnb in 2017.

I loved Growclass. By the middle of the program, I already felt I got so much value. The knowledge shared was both open, and honest, but most importantly, I could replicate it.