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Growing your email list is important, but what is critical is that you are talking to the right people. A 10,000 list suddenly becomes useless if it’s filled with the wrong people.

What if we told you the work of finding more customers and pinging those sales starts before you grow your channels?

This is where our 10 day challenge enters the chat. This growth program is tried and true, and we're confident you'll see the results in dollars before the 10 days are up.

Your 10-day Challenge Outline

Challenge 1
Know Your Target Customer

Where it all begins, our first lesson and challenge is centred all around knowing your customer. Connect with customers that are most likely to convert by better understanding who they are and where they hang out.

Challenge 2
Find Your Voice

Write more convincing, personal sounding emails in a voice that resonates with your customer. We will dig into the juicy work of finding the writing voice your brand should write in to best communicate with your target audience.

Challenge 3
Email Deliverability

Make sure your emails get to the *right* customers’ inboxes (& out of their spam). From technical to digestible, we break down everything you need to know about email deliverability in bite-size form.

Challenge 4
Create Great Email Content

Master our methodology that’ll take customers from “meh” to *adds to cart*. This is where you take everything you’ve learned about your customer, conversion copywriting, and getting your emails to your customers, to actually write emails they’ll want to read and act on.

Challenge 5
Email Funnels

Coach potential customers to convert with automated funnels that’ll work while you sleep. Ending on a high note, this is a lesson directly from the Growth Marketing Full Certification course -  you’ll learn how automated funnels will help you uncover opportunities to coach potential customers to convert—like bringing them back to their abandoned cart.

How it works + Questions


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Who's this challenge for?
Marketing professionals, entrepreneurs, early stage founders and anyone else who is constantly talking to customers.

How will I know if I win?
You'll receive an email from us on September 12th with a congratulations and an invite to your growth advising with Sarah Stockdale.

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