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The battle for brand growth is changing, do you have the skills to stay competitive?

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Modernize your marketing efforts by providing your team with the tools to make data-driven decisions, adopt an experimental mindset, and lead with confidence when managing digital campaigns. 

Upskilling your team’s digital literacy with the foundations of growth marketing makes increasing revenue, growing your customer base, and collaborating on projects so much easier.

Your company, in good company. 
Our instructors and mentors have successfully launched and grown their own companies.
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Peek at how we teach
The time is now to get good at digital.
The last year and a half has accelerated the digitization of how we do business by as much as 7 years.

The temporary fixes you stood up in 2020 are starting to feel the strain. We are entering into a new normal. Is your team equipped? Will your current strategies keep you ahead of the accelerated pace of change?Whether you do the digital work in-house or you want your team to have the tools to dig deeper and ask the right questions of your external agencies.

We’ve got you covered.

Our programming is built for high performing marketing teams, agencies, and startups that understand the value of employee development and want to facilitate world-class training without the time-suck. 

What you’ll get when you sign up your team of 10 or more:

20% or more off our 5 star growth marketing programs

A live marketing coaching session

Exclusive access to the Growclass alumni talent pool 
We net $7,000 in additional revenue from one email sent using a Growclass template. Stop debating, you need this course right now.
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Our customizable programs allow you to choose the skills you need your team to learn now. 
Especially now, we all need to do more with a lot less. In this module we get scrappy. You’ll learn how to develop a growth mindset and experimental framework to lean on data to uncover insights that save you precious time and resources.
This module is all about getting into the heads of your most valuable customers, to uncover the leanest ways to convert them. You'll design your customer interviews, actually have real conversations, and in the process transform your messaging and growth strategy.
Goal Setting
& Analytics
Week three is all about setting smart goals for your growth to create focus. Without tracking, you are running blindfolded with both hands tied behind your back. With them, you can see clearly, dodge obstacles, and optimize your marketing budget. 
In these two modules you'll learn how to leverage Google Adwords and Facebook Ads like a pro. You’ll learn how to plan your budget, create high performing creative and write copy. You'll learn how to keyword research, how to run ad experiments, and how to optimize your ads for a low cost of customer acquisition.
Copywriting +
Email Marketing
The copy on your landing pages, in your ads, and in your emails are directly tied to sales. We’ll give you the tools to feel confident writing landing pages, ad creative, sales emails, and funnels that convert customers 15x faster. In addition, you'll learn an emerging key skill: email deliverability
for SEO
SEO is a key tactic to bring organic traffic to your business– but most people are doing it wrong. In this lesson you’ll learn how to set up a framework for SEO. You’ll learn technical SEO, onsite, content optimization, and offsite SEO.
Want to talk to a human?
Book a call with us, and we’ll walk through your specific goals and needs, to help design a program that will help your team go from “how might we…” to a solid growth plan in a matter of weeks.
We reduced our cost of customer acquisition by 51% since joining Growclass.
The landscape is changing.
Allbirds racked up $100 million in total revenue over its first two years almost entirely through digital media.
Bombas' acquired more first-time orders from brand-new customers from their YouTube ad than on any other media type.
In lieu of expensive TV spots and print ads, Krispy Kreme attributes the growth of it’s doughnut empire—with sales topping $1.07 billion in its best year— to investments in their employees and network of seven million Facebook followers.
Personal grooming product brand Harry’s grew their subscriber list to their first 100,000 subscribers with $0 traditional A&P.
If you’re ready to join an incredible network of marketers and founders, and build an indispensable skill set in growth, join our crew.
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